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FI-15170 Lahti

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Pasi Kallio
Sales and Marketing Director
+358 44 750 8444
Tiina Miettinen
Sales Coordinator
+358 40 706 5075
Sari Hasanen
Sales Coordinator
+358 40 186 4765
Jarno Anttila
Technical support
+358 44 7700 139
Having worked at Stala's factory for years, I have ability and knowledge to help our customers with their questions regarding measurements, installation, cleaning and maintenance of Stala products.
Kari Lyytinen
Quality Engineer
+358 40 754 6446
Together with Jarno, I am answering to all the technical questions regarding our products. My responsibilities also include certificates and other product documentation.
Tuija Rajamäki
CEO, Chairman of the Board
My father Reino Rajamäki founded the company in 1972 when the construction business was blooming. The name Stala was his idea which came up from the words STAinless LAhti. We are well known from high quality and expertise round stainless steel products. Today I am the CEO and Chairman of the Board at Stala.
Pasi Kallio
Sales and Marketing Director
Pasi Härkönen
Production Manager
Sari Pulkkinen
Tarja Kuittinen
Supply Chain Director
Tuija Heiskanen
Sales Service Manager
Satu Saarinen
Sales Coordinator
Sanna Laurila
Sales Coordinator
Merja Piirainen
Marketing coordinator
Sanna Henttonen
Marketing Designer
Jari Peltonen
Category Manager

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